The Bouquet Room

This was a young girls room.  She wanted a simple flower arrangement on each wall.

The Wild Flower Room

This room is a nursery.  The family wanted it to feel a little outdoorsy without overwhelming the area.

Murals And Commissioned artwork

The butterfly room

Never did count exactly how many was painted but could guess around 30.  Scattered all around the room.

Trinity Gymnastics

Walls were a completely blank canvas.  Divided the wall up evenly and went to town!

Monkey Business

A young girl's favorite sleeping aid was her stuffed monkey.  She had three sisters.  Put it all together and you get four monkeys is a tree.

Alicia's room

The four little designs next to her name were found throughout her room on the shelves.  Incorporated them into the design of her name around the room.

The Frog Pond

One of my favorite gymnasts asked for this cause she loved frogs.


The Pastel castle

Most young girls grow up wanting to be a princess. Well this young girl wanted the castle too. 

Photos will be added as soon as more projects are done!