The Iron Cross Gymnast

This was an art project for college.  The assignment was to make and abstract torso.  This is what I came up with.  When it was on display it hung from the rings.

The history of Art 4 Every 1 is based off of my experience in studio art.  Here is some personal history.  Art has been a muse since I could pick up a pencil.  I am 39 with a BA in Studio Art from the University of Pittsburgh.  Have been keeping busy with murals and t-shirt designs for a lot of years.  Taking advantage of any artistic endeavor that has come my way. Having a full time job that keeps me busy almost 7 days a week and traveling on weekends 6 months a year. This business is going to be the jump into the mainstream.  Intermediate and Advanced classes will also be offered in the future once all is moving forward.  Classes for a specific medium are also a possibility.  The purpose of A4E1 is to provide a professional and fun environment for everyone.  Painting parties for all ages.  Provide instruction for anyone who would like to see if their inner artist can shine.    Again, in the near future I will be looking for my own venues to host some parties.  For now, I will bring the party to you!



Art exhibit

In my younger years, had a few exhibits.  This one showed my Female Torso, the Wood War Chest, and behind the chest to the right is a self portrait.

Special Olympics

This was one of many times face painting at the local Special Olympics.

Photos will be added as soon as more projects are done!